I'm Building a Multi-Million Dollar Online Service-Based Business Using Content to Retire My Parents Without Being Famous, Putting Up A Front or Creating the Content Myself...

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Discover how I went from $10 per hour to $1.5k - $5k days selling services online without having to be famous, putting up an image or creating the content myself...

Short-Form Awakening

Discover how to script, film, edit and publish money-making short-form content.

Your Next Advocate

Discover how we get 50 - 100+ leads per month by through word of mouth and referrals without having to spend more time or money on marketing.

Business Intensive

Get on a 1 on 1 business intensive with Desmond to get more clarity and confidence around your offer, content strategy, funnel and unique selling proposition.

Build Your Creative Team

We will help you find, vet, train and onboard your own creative.

Campaign God

We will help you build the infrastructure to script, film, edit and publish 210 - 280+ pieces of content per month.

13 Advocates Mastermind

A global network of service-providers who are ready to wake up and empower themselves with the strategies, tools and support they need to get clients organically increase their profits to do more for their community and their family.
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