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Dear Business Owner,

If you’re looking for a secret to get clients and customers, I’m sorry but I can’t help you with that.

Nothing is new under the sun.

The only way to get more sales is to ask more people for money.

Advocates are how we reach more people.
What Is an Advocate?

ad·vo·cate (noun) - a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

Here’s a story about how I discover a new way to get high paying clients organically…

I was on a call with a client on July 11th and he told me about a program he paid $7800 to join with the snap of a finger.

Let me give you some context.

So I referred him to some guy and my client became his client ($1500).

Then that guy referred my partner to another guy and he dropped $7800! 🤯 

Now, here’s the crazy part…

He’s been watching this dudes content for probably months if not years but he never pulled the trigger.

But because one person ADVOCATED FOR HIM, he became a client like that 🫰✨

Imagine this…💭 

Instead of having sending 100 cold messages a day, 100 cold calls, 100 post a day or god forbid RUNNING ADS, what if you had the right people referring you business and share your cause with the world without spending more time or money on your marketing efforts.

This is what you call an ADVOCATE.

Creating advocates is the "NEW" way to get clients and customers organically for any product or service!

Introducing the YNA Program

In less than 60 minutes, I’ll show you how to get your first or next 13 advocates.

Here are some examples of it working with students.

Example #1 - This is a photographer I worked with two years ago who looked out for my business partner and I when we started our agency by giving us a discount. Two years later, I’ve referred him to a couple people.
Example #2 - So there’s a competitor who I’m friends with and I paid for around 30 people to join this program. What happened during that campaign is also mentioned this competitor a few times which help get even more sales for his program and recurring revenue his software!
Example #3 - I got on a networking call with Austin and a few days later I tagged him under a post which lead to a sale and a nice referral fee for me :)
Example #4 - Reposted a video to Facebook and garnered over 1.1M impressions allowing him to get paid from their monetization program

And so much more...

Here is what you're getting:

 Training: Advocate Archetypes Explained
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 ​Training: 10 Ways to Create Advocates
 ​Training: How We Script, Film, Edit and Publish 210 - 280 Pieces of Short-Form Content Per Month In Less than Two Hours
 ​Case Study: How We Made $50K With a Group of Less than 150 Members
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I've built a network of millionaires, helped my clients and students generate 100s of thousands of dollars online since 2018 and...

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